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NOLASinc is the most unique work environment you will ever encounter as a New Orleans real estate agent…

Inspired by the idea that salespeople are really artists… we focus on the whole person you are, and the life you want to live RIGHT NOW, while you work with clients, properties and ideas in real estate.  It’s truly possible to work and live in a creative, meaningful way, surrounded by co-workers who want you to realize your goals as a whole person, not just an agent.

Sounds crazy?

It’s really not.  Every property has a personality – so does every new client you meet – and so do you.  What really matters is that you build a real estate career focused on working ONLY with people you enjoy, properties you enjoy, and an area you call home – or would like to call home.

Every agent has a “specialty.”  Some call it a niche.  We call it expertise.

The more you do what you love most, the better you become at your favorite thing.  The better you are at what you do, the better we become as a company.  The better we become as a company, the more clients demand our services – and it all starts with finding a broker who wants to help you define your career, become more successful and focused, and have an inspired life that is supported by your love for our beautiful city and its properties.

Oh.  And a VERY generous commission split makes all that a reality.

We have all that, and our agents will tell you how working together at NOLASinc has made them more successful, plus given them the freedom to pursue life and truly embrace their favorite aspects of their real estate careers.

Creator of the Real Estate Muses Workshop, Anne Beck, the principal broker at NOLASinc, welcomes experienced agents and acknowledges their value as inspirations and the fact that they have earned the right to create and grow their businesses in a supportive environment.

New agents are also welcome to become “interns” with one of our senior agents, receiving the time and attention you deserve… more importantly, training in building a business, which no one ever teaches you in real estate school!

Join a family of artists who just happen to sell real estate as their medium.  Work with clients you enjoy spending time with, and learn to master your art and build your dreams – on the job!

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